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Testimonial Dorian

My name is Dorian Dandridge.

The last time I went to a gym on a regular basis was 1984. Below is a picture of me with my two younger brothers taken on a day when we had all been to  the gym. (I am in the middle). My brother Mark now age 58 on the right and my other brother Len (left in the photo), now age 56. Len has been going to CrossFit in the U.K. for a few  ears now and I got to thinking that perhaps I could consider doing it too. So after a 32- year gap, I looked on the Internet to see where the nearest CrossFit gym to Pijnacker was. Up  popped Zoetermeer CrossFit Box… so I made a call and left a message. Later I got a call from Haroen and at the beginning of July 2016 I started training at CrossFit Zoetermeer in The  Netherlands.

Dandrige brothersIn 1984 I was 32 years old weighed 78 kilos and I had two children aged 10 and 8 years old. Now I am 64 weighing 95 kilos, with 5 grandchildren aged 2 to 17… and at this  time in life many people are thinking about slowing down and doing less. Not me! So now it is 14 weeks since I started CrossFit…. how has it been? Dorian Dandridge

Well the transformation in such a  short  time is remarkable. I am clearly not as strong as I was in 1984, but compared to 14 weeks ago I have much more stamina and my personal weights and times records are already improving at a steady rate. Although CrossFit is not a competitive pastime, it helps my motivation to think that I can try to equal the younger guys. My goal is to be as fit and as strong as I can without injuries. Oh yes! and be able to do at least one strict pull-up…. hahah.

When I started in July I was 101 kilos and on medication for borderline high blood pressure.

However  since doing CrossFit and changing my eating habits, I have been able to reduce the medication from 3 tablets to 1.5 (with Doctor’s advice) and I have lost 6 kilos. When I started at the Box   felt like I was going to die in each WOD, but now I just get on with it. When we had to run 500 or 1000 meters I would stop running after 200 meters and start walking with heavy breathing and a lot of distress… now I can run 3 kilometers without simulating a dying person! … All this in 14 weeks, which I think is a tribute to the ability of the human body.